Win With Your Swag Tag!

  • Keep cool this Summer! In August 91.9 The Bend and Sleep Country are giving you a chance to rest easy with your 91.9 The Bend Swag Tag! 
  • Listen weekdays at 7:20 and 4:50, we'll have your chance to call in with your swag tag number and instantly win the new Gelcool Pillow with Coolmax which gives you a cool, comfortable night’s sleep with no more flipping of the pillow to find the cool side!
  • Plus all winners will also qualify for the monthly Grand Prize of a $1000 gift card from Sleep Country
  • Get in on the winning with your swag tag and Sleep Country, only on 91.9 The Bend.
  • Visit Sleep Country at the Mapleton Shopping Centre and speak with one of their Sleep Obsessed Experts with over 20 year of experience in helping Canadians get a good night’s sleep
  • Or check out and learn how you can get a great night’s sleep!