We're Here!

Have you heard?

We're here, Metro's Perfect Music Mix 91.9 the Bend! The station with your favorite DJ's, all your local news & the weather, big winning and nothing but the hits!

So why "The Bend"?

In 1766 settlers from Pennsylvania moved to a community on a sharp turn on teh Petitcodiac River. The community was called 'The Bend' for a hundred years. Now Acadia Broadcasting Limited is settling in that same community now known as Metro Moncton! 

Who will you hear?

You'll hear Josh McLellan in the morning with the Bend Breakfast.

Leo Melanson is on-air during the midday Monday to Friday.

Jeannie Mac will take you on the drive home weekdays.

Our exciting crew of weekend hosts are ready to entertain you Saturday and Sunday - Katey Day, Jessy Horton & Shane O plus taking you through the Saturday night party we have Ashley Greco with the Weekend Blowout.

Get in on the Winning!

You can enter at facebook.com/919thebend for a chance to win $500.00 in Back to School Cash. But you have to like us first to get in on the winning. Plus you can 'share' it and get 5 MORE entries into the contest! And keep listening for ways to Win Big with 91.9 the Bend Swag Tags including a chance to win $10,000!!

Metro's Perfect Music Mix 91.9 The Bend has everything you need.

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