Mixed Reviews In The Bend's News Poll On Panhandlers

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 09:31 AM

With the addition of kindness metres in downtown Moncton against this year, and with reports of an increase in panhandlers.  We wanted to find out if our listeners are giving money to those on the streets who are asking for it.

Our poll conducted on May 18th, asked "Do you give money to panhandlers in downtown Moncton?"

78 per cent said No, never. 17 per cent said, yes it is the right thing to do, and 5 per cent said they have never seen any panhandlers in downtown Moncton.

On our facebook page, Matthew said, "Every so often, if I'm downtown I'll give a bit of change. A little bit change doesn't seem like a lot to me but when you're on the receiving end it's whole different story."

Irma commented, "I don't give money but I would buy them a meal no problem."

Beth says, "I never give money, but I'll always give food!"

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