Riverbend Community School Looks At Options For Its Future

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 09:52 AM

The Owner of Riverbend is looking at the future of their school with new ideas and optimism.

The school opened full time in 2013, to include children with Learning Disabilities, and ADHD who needed a different approach to their learning.

With a drop in the number of students this year, Rebecca Halliday says they realized that this type of program can benefit a lot of other kids as well, "This upstairs part of our school is now all emptied and cleaned and repainted and we only have seven students, so we don't need all of this space.  That is where we came to this idea, to possibly lower the tuition and make it more affordable.  Kids with Learning Disabilities or ADHD will thrive here, but it just a well structured program in a super supportive environment.  If you have a child who is at grade level or just excelling, we can tackle them as well.  It is just a great learning environment because it is so small."

Riverbend is a tuition fee based school, but Halliday says if they can see the addition of at least ten more kids, they can look at reducing the cost of attending.

"Public school is a great fit for many kids, but there is always going to be a demographic of kids that it is not the right fit.  Where I come in is providing a space for kids, Learning disabled or not, to come and learn in just a different environment," Halliday says.

They have a meeting planned for tonight, to offer more information about their school.

It starts at 7pm at the school on Church Street.

For more information, visit HERE