Moncton Mayor Not Worried About Downtown Centre Parking

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 18:11 PM

As construction for Moncton's new Downtown Centre enters its final months, many are concerned about a lack of parking during major events.

Mayor Dawn Arnold isn't worried and notes how 1800 parking spots can be seen from the centre's second level.

She notes the city has been working with Hotspot for metered parking with a new tool on the app to help find spaces in real time and she says good transit service will be available.

Arnold admits parking at the new Centre won't be anything like the Coliseum.

"There is parking.  Will it all be at the front door and be free?  No.  The reality is, it's a dispersed plan."

She adds the new Centre may actually have less congestion than the Coliseum following events since vehicles will be parked throughout the downtown and not just in one parking lot with a couple of exits.

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