Military Providing Support To Those Without Power In NB

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 07:49 AM

Members of the military arrived in the province yesterday, to assist in the efforts to keep people safe, while work continues to try and get the lights back on, after last week's ice storm.

Rear Admiral John Newton of Task Force Atlantic says, "We can help clear road networks and we can do the door to door and really look after people to ensure they are not falling through the cracks and to make sure they are personally ready for something that could be worse if the winter continues in this regard.  There is also some aircraft flying, that will help with the reassurance of the community to see and hear the aircraft overhead.  They are going to do mapping, and will help to communicate a picture for all of these agents in response.  It think between the soldiers on the ground and their vehicles and the airpower in the air looking down on the Peninsula, we'll get a really good grip on what is left for us to do, in restoring the strength of the community."

About 200 members of the military are assisting with efforts in the province.