Tech Mahindra Opening Call Centre In Riverview, Creating Over 200 Jobs

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 14:23 PM

An Indian based information technology company will be moving into Riverview next month to create a business services centre.

Tech Mahindra will create over 200 jobs, and the Vice President expects there will be more.

The company is hiring for mostly digital customer care jobs, caring for retail clients.

Amit Dhingra says they have already hired 100 employees, who will start in their new centre in Riverview Place on August 16th.

30 employees are also expected to be relocating to New Brunswick from other countries including India and the Phillipines.

The jobs will include business service agents, team leads IT support workers Human resources and Managers.

Dhingra says New Brunswick seemed like the perfect choice, when they looked at what they wanted for their new centre, "When we started evaluating, we realized that we wanted a large pool of our population to be French speaking, so we need bilingual, and we need people to understand customer service, which is at the centre of everything.  I think that comes naturally to people of this region.  The entire society, from what I understand, is bound by the family and friends network.  Everybody knows everybody.  We met local staff and local talent, we realized that this was really the best place to be."


Dhingra told us that salaries are competitive, but would not give exact figures, "That's why we are able to hire quickly.  We just started hiring last month and we already have 100 plus people onboard."

Dhingra says the company serves more than 900 big retail customers, but he couldn't divulge the names due to confidentiality.

The company is eligible for an investment of up to $800,000 from Opportunities New Brunswick in the form of payroll rebates.

This is Tech Mahindra's first investment in New Brunswick.