"You Don't Know What Lies Around The Corner": Codiac RCMP Superintendent On $1 Million Surplus

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017 20:42 PM

Codiac RCMP is approximately one million dollars under budget so far this year, according to financial statements presented at last night's Codiac Regional Policing Authority meeting.

The savings are primarily driven by lower than anticipated salaries and allowances.

However, Codiac Superintendent Paul Beauchesne cautioned the CRPA about expecting this surplus to hold.

"Policing is just so dynamic, right, [so] you always gotta take everything in check, so today everything is going well but you don't know what lies around the corner," says Beauchesne. "And you know, you do get an incident [...] and costs go pretty rapidly when you get major incidents."

Beauchesne says personnel costs amount to 80% to 90% of the approximately $30 million budget.

"But remember there, the Codiac Regional RCMP has three components, there's the RCMP the regular members, there's the municipal employees and there's also the Corps of Commissionaires," says Beauchesne. "Together they make up the Codiac Regional RCMP."

Beauchesne says the costs of major incidents can quickly rise into the tens of thousands of dollars within a few days, and those are impossible to plan for.

"You don't start guessing in terms of what could happen, you have to have rigour in terms of that," says Beauchesne. "So what you do is you base it on operations on historical data, but you don't take it into consideration what could happen, unless of course it's a planned event."

Beauchesne also made it clear the financials presented at the CRPA may have a time lag since any costs incurred after June are not included in the statements.