Last Regular Home Season Game For Wildcats At Moncton Coliseum

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 13:42 PM

The end is near for Moncton Wildcats games at the Moncton Coliseum..
Spokesperson Courtney Huestis says tomorrow night's game will be bittersweet.

"There will be lots of great memories at this rink.  This is the only rink that people around here have known, and have grown up with, especially for the Wildcats.  It'll be a big farewell to the building.  We will have some playoff games, but this will be the big official, last regular season game here, so we are looking forward to sharing it with our fans.  We are looking forward to the new building next year as well, and all of the  new things we can offer our fans and experiences,"Huestis says.

The Wildcats have played at the Coliseum for the past 21 seasons.

"We've had a few different nights this year to pay tribute to former teams that have been here, and the fans have really appreciated that.  We had our last game, which was our Moncton Hawks night, so that was really special to have former AHL guys and honour them.  It will be a big farewell, "Huestis says.

Next season they will move to the new events centre in downtown Moncton...

A reminder to anyone who has season tickets or flex tickets, they do not carryover into playoffs.  It's recommended you take them to the box office and get your ticket for Wednesday night's game.

The Wildcats will battle Cape Breton on Wednesday night.  Game time is 7 o'clock.