Canada Quietly Marks National Flag Day

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 15:00 PM

During this week in 1965, Canada's new national flag - the Maple Leaf - was flown on Parliament Hill for the first time.

Mount Allison University Canadian Studies associate professor Andrew Nurse says the Lester B. Pearson government decided it was time for the country to have its own flag to replace the British Union Jack.

"The idea that Canada as a country - that was independent, as a country that played its own role on the world stage - should have some sort of different representation than the old flag was broadly accepted," he notes.

Nurse adds it was inevitable the maple leaf would appear on the new flag in one form or another since it had been a symbol of Canada for a long time.

National Flag of Canada Day is February 15 and the day was declared by Parliament in 1996.