Lowered Speed Limit Helping Student Safety At Magnetic Hill School

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 13:45 PM

An amended speed limit went into effect in front of Magnetic Hill School last month....and concerns over the safety of the students has been alleviated, for the most part.

That according to the Chair of the Parent School Support Committee Karen DeGrace, "People are slowing down.  The RCMP have been out monitoring.  We are still getting some congestion at our entrance and still have some of the truck traffic going by, but the initial reaction is that overall this is going well so far."

DeGrace launched a petition early last year,  with the hopes of getting the support of parents and residents  to have the speed limit lowered.

"I personally learned a lot through this process.  Lobbying the government for change and how this looks in reality.  I understand it is a long process, and I think we were successful in this first step for student safety," DeGrace says.

After several studies were conducted, by both the province and the Anglophone East District Education Council...Minister Bill Fraser announced in late December that the limit would be lowered from 70 to 50 kilometres per hour.

DeGrace adds, "Any change is going to take some time to take full effect.  It is driver behaviour that we really need to change.  So it has made a difference, but we still need to work at educating drivers."