Local Cub Pack Prepares For Third Annual Corporate Kub Kar Rally

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 07:47 AM

The kids in the 1st St Michael's Cub Pack has been working for weeks get their cars ready for this weekend's big race.

It's the 3rd annual Corporate Kub Kar rally.

Ten year old Sarah says the cars start out as a block of wood, "You can do whatever you want with it,  but it has to be a certain weight and size to make it.  It takes a lot of time to sand, and then you can prime it to make it look better.  Then you can paint it or Sharpie it, or whatever you want."

Seven year old Isabelle says a lot of work goes into each car, "You have to draw what you want the car to look like, and then you need to cut it.  Then you need to sand it, then paint it and put on any decorations, like stickers.  Then you have to get you weights on and your wheels on."

Eleven year old Jack L. says he had big ideas for his corporate car, "It can only be a certain weight and there are a lot of restrictions to it.  Before, I  knew you couldn't put any boosters on it I was going to put a C02 cartridge on it.  That would have made it go way too fast, it probably would have gone off the track."

Each car that will race this weekend has a corporate sponsor.  Companies and other organizations have made donations of $100 dollars to have their names put onto the cars.

Those corporate sponsors can keep the cars to have on display in their stores, and if their cars wins the race, they have the option of keeping the trophy or donating it to the child that built the car.

All of the money raised from corporate sponsorship, goes to help send the kids to camp.

"We go to three camps.  The first one is winter camp, and the second  camp we have is Camp Tawasi and then we have Camp Yoho, which is all outside in tents," Ten year old Jack M says.

The race takes place at Knights of Columbus Hall on Broadway Street on Saturday, March 17th starting at 1 o'clock.

This is one of three races the kids take part in.

"The Corporate race is for fundraising, so that is done through the corporations who sponsor us.  The Cubs hold their own local race in the gym at Forest Glen School, and then they go to an area race where they race other kids from the Moncton area.  If they do really well there, then they could move on to provincials.  So they are guaranteed at least three races," Cubs Section Leader David Hackett says.

The local race will be held on March 19th, and the area race is on March 24th.

There are three trophies, for Fastest car, Best looking car and for Sportsmanship.  

"The reason we do it this way with the corporate Kub Kars, is the local businesses sponsor the kids and help send them to camp.  We are in a lower demographic area where it is hard for us to do door to door popcorn sales or other types of sales.  This is a way our community can kick in help our kids get to camp, and they get to do something fun by making these cars.  It is a win-win for everyone, Hackett says.