Top Baby Names In NB For 2016

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 09:51 AM

Did you give birth to a child in New Brunswick in 2016? If so, what did you name your new bouncing baby boy or girl?

There was a long list of common names for boys and girls in the province for last year, 983 different names for boys and 1227 for girls to be exact.

Topping the list of boys names was Liam, with Jacob, and William in second and third.  But when you look at the list, the name Jackson appears three times, but spelled differently.  The list also includes Chase, Ethan and Henry..

For the girls, Emma topped that list, with Olivia in second and Charlotte in third.  Other names on that list include Mia, Lily, Grace and Ava.

As for how many children were born in NB.  Preliminary results released by Vital Statistics in NB show that  6, 015 children were born.

Among the most common names for boys were Liam, Jacob, William, Thomas, Noah, Benjamin, Samuel, Jack, Owen, Mason, Jaxon, Xavier, Caleb, Oliver, Lincoln, Olivier, Lucas, Isaac, Jackson, James, Chase, Carter, Logan, Jaxson, Hunter, Simon, Grayson, Alexander, Ethan, Maxime, Nathan, Wyatt, Jayden, Dominic, Emmett, Ryker, Henry and Cohen.

Among the most common names for girls were Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia, Ellie, Mia, Evelyn, Anna, Amelia, Lily, Hailey, Abigail, Madison, Grace, Ava, Audrey, Sophie, Zoey, Sadie, Peyton, Annabelle, Claire, Addison, Scarlett, Leah, Emily, Violet, Avery, Rosalie, Lauren, Ella, Alexa, Alice, Lillian, Hannah, Brooklyn, Charlie and Lydia.