Today Is The Deadline For The Humanity Project And What Kids Need Moncton To Move Out

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:31 AM

What Kids Need Moncton and The Humanity Project are spending their last day in the former Moncton Curling Association building on Lutz Street.

As of Friday, they had raised $130,000 and their hope is to reach $160,000 for a down payment to buy a new home.

Founder of What Kids Need Moncton Amanda Pooley says they will return to feeding the homeless out of a parking lot but she is isn't discouraged.

"We want to be inside, we want to have a building and we want to have all of our services up and functioning," says Pooley. "We have faith in our community and all of the people from everywhere around the world who have been supporting this cause."

Pooley says the City of Moncton did provide them with a list of potential locations, but many of them were out of their price range, while others needed a lot of repairs.

She adds she isn't angry at the City of Moncton for withdrawing funds for a down payment on the former MCA building, instead she is disappointed.

"When they came back with "okay, no, we're going to give you $25,000 a year for the next 10 years, of course we're super happy to have that money" says Pooley. "But it's being given to us in increments of $12,500 twice a year."

Pooley says they are confident they will eventually find the perfect location to suit their needs.