Deployment To Latvia For NB Canadian Armed Forces Members Delayed Until Saturday

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 13:12 PM

Deployment to Latvia for around 150 members of the Canadian Armed Forces in New Brunswick has been delayed until tomorrow.

That gives Major Matt Rolls, who is the Officer Commanding the Canadian Contingent Rifle Company, one more day to spend with his family.

This isn't his first deployment.  He was in Afghanistan in 2010.

On this mission, the members from New Brunswick are led my 2nd Battalion, in the Royal Canadian Regiment, "The Enhanced Force Presence Battlegroup is there to help preserve peace and prevent conflict within the region.  There were issues with Russian and the seizing of Crimea a couple years back.  These Battlegroups were established to stabilize the situation there."

His contingent is a rifle company, and they will train in Latvia in conjunction with other units from other nations.  Other contingents include headquarters staff, and logistical and communications support.

Major Rolls says they are expected to be there for around six months.

The multinational Battlegroup will be commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Sean French, Commanding Officer 2 RCR.

They will be flying out of Fredericton, NB on Saturday morning.