DancEast To Dazzle With The Nutcracker Again This Year

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 09:41 AM

A Christmas tradition, the Nutcracker is ready to hit the stage in Riverview again this year.

Performers from DancEast work long hours to perfect their skills, to ensure this is a memorable show for everyone.

Owner and Director Shelley Chiasson-Collins says it is an exciting two hours full of surprises, "There is a battle scene involved with pyrotechnics and cannons that go off.  You will see a party scene in a gorgeous ballroom setting, with the gowns.  You will see a live snowfall on stage.   It's a combination of a lot of treats for the eyes, and for the senses.  It appeals to both boys and girls.  It's just a really fun adventure for a couple of hours to get lost in the audience."

The average dancer spends up to 10 to 12 additional hours per week rehearsing for the four performances..

Chiasson-Collins adds, "  It's a holiday tradition, that we've promoted in the city for years and years.   Like the Santa Claus parade, they kind of go hand in hand to launch the Christmas season."

DancEast has been performing "The Nutcracker" since 1992

Tickets are still available.  There are performances tomorrow night, on Saturday and Sunday.

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