Premier Brian Gallant Is Reminding New Brunswickers Recreational Marijuana Is Not Legal Yet, Must Abide By Existing Laws

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 14:08 PM

Premier Brian Gallant is commenting on RCMP issued orders for Moncton marijuana dispensaries to shut down within two weeks.

He says while he cannot comment on the specific actions taken, he stresses that until the drug is legalized, all citizens must abide by existing laws.

"After that, we want to make sure everybody knows what the framework will be, what rules will be in place so when the legalization of cannabis does happen when the federal government introduces it, everything will be known to all players," says Gallant.

He says they are focused on rolling out legalization safely.

"With the right regulations and enforcement of those regulations to ensure protection during production, distribution and sales," says Gallant. "We also want to make sure we go to what the goal is, we want to get cannabis out of the hands of our youth and want to get the proceeds from selling cannabis out of the hands of criminals."

Gallant adds they are trying to act in a responsible way which includes "being as transparent as possible so people will see what the rules are going to be when the legalization of cannabis happens."

Overall, he is urging New Brunswickers to obey the law as it stands.