Local Daycare Owner Applauds Government Decision To Offer Free Child Care

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 13:44 PM

Free child care and the introduction of Early Learning Centres in the province, is going to mean big things for the future, that from the Owner of a local daycare.  

Janice Sutherland runs Home With A Heart in Moncton.  She says the free child care for low income families with children under 5 is great news, "Everything that they used to do for daycares, they never used to talk to us to find out if it was even feasible.  But we have a really good relationship with the government now, and they're listening to us.  This action plan is actually really good, and we're excited about it.  It is going to change child care."

Children must be attending a designated New Brunswick Early Learning Centre, but Sutherland says a lot of centres will apply to ensure they are designated.  That will mean more infant spots will open up as well.

"Moms that are home on maternity leave, how hard is it to go back to work if you think you are going to be paying all of this money for daycare.  This is going to be great for the economy, put people back to work and not feel that, Oh My Gosh, I have to pay a car payment or mortgage, just to go back to work."

Children must be attending a designated New Brunswick Early Learning Centre.

Sutherland says, "Whatever rate they decide on the infant care,  and then ages 2 to 5, it will a be a specific amount that we can charge.  That way they are also regulating the price that daycare can charge.  Basically, we'll just be billing the government instead of the parents."

She estimates that this will help under half of the families at her centre, but at other centres that number could be much higher.