Hillcrest School Students Make Big Delivery To Turkey Central

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:40 PM

There were honks and cheers as around 165 students from Hillcrest School made their way down St. George Boulevard heading for the fire station this morning...

They had 24 turkeys to be donated to the Sue Stultz and Moncton Firefighters Turkey Drive.

Acting Principal Erica Trail says for a school of their size, the students really came through to show their support for the community, by raising 500 dollars, "We're trying to teach the students how to help out in the community, and this is the best way to do it.  Bring some turkeys down, so they can see first hand where they go, and what the whole point of this turkey drive is, is to help those in need."

The money was raised by the students, who were asked to each bring in a toonie.  The middle school student also collected recyclables, and they cashed those in as well.

"For a school of 165 students, we certainly came together because we know how important this turkey drive is,"  Trail says.

Hillcrest is located next to the Irving Station where the Turkey Drive all started.  One of the very first turkeys ever to be donated to Sue Stultz when she began collecting turkeys, was from Hillcrest School.

The Sue Stultz and IAFF Local 999 Moncton Firefighters Association Turkey Drive needs 4241 turkeys dropped off at Turkey central by Friday.  This will ensure that everyone in Southeast New Brunswick will have a turkey on their table at Christmas time.

Turkeys can be dropped off down back at the St. George Boulevard Fire Station between 10am to 7pm.