Mounted Police Professional Association Of Canada Blasts RCMP Senior Management Over Labour Code Violations

Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017 06:01 AM

A one million dollar fine against the RCMP for violations of the Canada Labour Code over the June 4th shootings doesn't go far enough.

That's according to Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada media liaison Terry McKee, who blasted RCMP senior management last week.

"You've got members that are still suffering, you've got an inadequate, and inept police management, that has to be redressed," says McKee. "A cleansing, so to speak, is what thousands of members believe should take place."

McKee is referencing a guilty verdict against the RCMP for failing to properly train or equip frontline members in relation to the June 4th shootings which left three officers dead, and two wounded.

"These are people that are out to protect the public, but what happens when the protector isn't being protected by their employer?" asks McKee. "This should set precedents and set a clear message to the RCMP that they are accountable."

He says ultimately, he and the MPPAC are not happy with a fine being the only penalty levied against the RCMP.

"You have thousands of members across this country that are fed up, they've been living under the guidelines of an archaic system, one that is rampant with a toxic culture, and there needs to be accountability," says McKee.

He believes if the RCMP won't clean house themselves, then the federal government should step in and do it for them because a workplace change in culture is long overdue.