Health Networks To Collaborate For MRI Services

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 14:31 PM

MRI patients are expected to see reduced wait times, thanks to an agreement between the Horizon and Vitalite Health Networks.

Health Minister Benoit Bourque says Georges Dumont Hospital will now accept the transfer of MRI patients from the Moncton have the procedure done there instead, "This will be a partnership that will be very beneficial and that allows for a 50/50 sharing of an MRI, which you don't normally see that in the way RHA's work.  They usually work in their own way."

It's hoped this will the first of many collaborations to come between the two Health Authorities, "You are seeing more and more collaborations.  There are open discussions between the two RHA's to share more services, and hopefully more announcements will come,  sooner than later to come, but that is all I can say for now. "

Under this partnership, the provincial government will also increase the operational budget which will allow for 20 additional hours for staff and resources from both hospitals.

In turn, this will translate into over 2300 more MRI's on an annual basis.

“This new agreement between both health authorities will allow us to greatly improve access to services and also reduce wait lists so that we can excel in health care provided to patients in our communities,” said Johanne Roy, vice-president of clinical services, Vitalité Health Network.

“Horizon Health Network supports this collaborative agreement to improve patient care through decreased wait times,” said Gary Foley, vice-president of professional services, Horizon Health Network. “We are improving our service delivery by providing more timely access to MRI services to our patients.”