Moncton Residents Could Be Fined For Tall Grass

Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 13:13 PM

If you don't mow your lawn in Moncton, you may soon face a stiff fine if a by-law passes third reading at city council next week.

Grass or weeds on properties must not exceed 8 inches under the Tall Grasses By-law which already passed first reading last month.

Communications manager Nicole Melanson says city council could adopt the by-law at Monday's regular meeting.

"Council will go through second and third reading simultaneously. Assuming that it is adopted at that time, then it would come into effect the very next day. So complaints could be received by our by-law enforcement department as of July 17th," she notes.

If you fail to keep your grass cut under eight inches, the fine ranges from $140 to $2100.

Melanson says tall grass comes down to a safety and visibility issue for drivers and pedestrians.

In the beginning, she adds public awareness will be key given that it is the middle of summer and some residents may be away on vacation.