Fundraising Efforts Underway For All World Super Play Park In Riverview

Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 14:17 PM

The famous wooden park, located behind Frank L. Bowser School in Riverview, has been visited by many over the years, but it is beginning to show its age, and it is time for a complete upgrade.

That rebuild comes with a price tag of $500, 000.

Project Manager Sean Rollo says the community has really come together, just as they did back in 1994, when the original park was built, " It was a total community initiative and over the years, the park has been used by both locals and tourists from around the world."  

Their hope is to raise the money and have the All World Super Play park built next year, "We'll have some wood components, but we will also have other components that are much more durable. They will be made out of recycled plastics or recycled rubber.   It will very much the same look and feel as it does now, but with a lot of added features and increased accessibility.  One of the key and important parts of this new park, is to increase the accessibility for chilldren of all abilities.  A lot of the money will be going to the accessibility component.  We are looking at a turf style surface that would be safe for the children, and that would be safe for children in wheelchairs or with mobility issues,"  Rollo adds.

Ideally, they would like to see the park built in June of 2018.  

Rollo says, "In an effort to raise the money, we have teamed up with the Riverview Lions Club, and we are offering a Chase the Ace lottery, but there are other community events being held as well.  We are also looking for corporate sponsors."

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