Low Risk Threats Received At Two Moncton Schools

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:37 AM

Sunny Brae and Queen Elizabeth Schools was forced to implement their "Hold and Secure" protocol earlier today, after anonymous threats were received.

Spokesperson for Anglophone East School District Stephanie Patterson says, "Typically threats of violence are found written on bathrooms walls, in stalls, on the Internet, in a note for a teacher or they are called in."

She says they follow a protocol when they receive this type of threat,  which includes an assessment.

In this situation, that was done in cooperation with the RCMP, and it was determined to be of low risk.

"Students were asked to remain in their classrooms, so the RCMP could investigate," Patterson added.

Once the investigation revaled that the threat was of no concern, classes resumed as usual.

Patterson says, they will now try to identify the person responsible, with the help of the RCMP.

Queen Elizabeth School had planned a practice "Hold and Secure" drill for their students prior to the low risk threat being received.