Four New Brunswick Artists Vie For Permanent Public Art Piece In Downtown Centre Plaza

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 20:13 PM

Four shortlisted artists presented their concepts for a permanent public art piece to be installed in the plaza next to the Downtown Centre.

Cultural Development Officer for the City of Moncton Joanne Duguay says all four artists are from New Brunswick, and were given a list of requirements by the City.

"All the artists are going to have this presentation somewhat again, but in more detail, so they might get more into the materials they might use, because there are other criteria the jury must go on," says Duguay.

She explains those include creativity and feasibility, "is it a safe piece of artwork, can it be graffiti proof, is the maintenance going to be an issue?" Duguay says "those are elements the selection committee has to take into account."

Duguay explains the budget for the public art piece comes from a City of Moncton policy called "Percent for Public Art" which means 1% of the City's contribution to the total budgeted non-land costs of the Downtown Centre is available up to a maximum of $200,000.

She runs down the next steps before a winner is chosen.

"It will have to go from the selection committee, it then goes to the Cultural Board who makes an official recommendation to Council," says Duguay. "So the official announcement will be at a public session of City Council on October 2nd."

The four artists on the shortlist are Luc A. Charette, Peter Powning, Guylaine Cyr, and André Lapointe.

Duguay says they had ten proposals from nine artists, and all but one were from New Brunswick.