Provincial Government Makes Investment To Reduce Orthopedic Surgery Wait Times

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 14:14 PM

Patients waiting for hip and joint replacements in Greater Moncton, won't have to wait as long for surgery, thanks to a $3 million dollar investment by the provincial government.

Premier Brian Gallant and Provincial Finance Minister Cathy Rogers were on hand this morning, to make the announcement that is aimed at cutting wait times for orthopedic surgeries at Moncton Hospital and George Dumont Hospital.

Gallant says reducing the number of people waiting long periods will improve the quality of life of those needing surgery. It will also avoid added health-care costs by ensuring more timely surgeries, which in turn will reduce the chances of deteriorating health conditions.

More and more patients are being referred for hip and joint replacement surgery, due to a an aging population.

“An announcement like today’s reinforces the fact that we continue to contribute to the improvement of the level of health of the population, as mentioned in our 2017-20 strategic plan,” said Gilles Lanteigne, president and CEO of Vitalité Health Network. “The Vitalité Health Network welcomes this great initiative and is confident it will generate a positive impact for all our communities.”

“Horizon Health Network is pleased with the direction being taken to improve wait times for our patients,” said Dr. Édouard Hendriks, the health authority’s vice-president of medical, academic and research affairs. “We are committed to working together to ensure easier and more timely access to quality care for people awaiting orthopedic surgery.”