Moncton Mom Says Autistic Muppet Is A Great Addition To Sesame Street

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 14:01 PM

The newest character of the Sesame Street family will be introduced next month..and members of a local Autism Resource Centre, think she will make a great addition.

Julia, is an Autistic muppet character,  who will move onto Sesame Street on April 10th.

Cheryl Leblanc who lives in Moncton, had twin boys, and Ryan, one of her boys was diagnosed with autism at the age 10.  She says it is important that kids learn that they are all different, and Julia will help them to accept that, "As a parent, I think it is very important because my son, has limited friends.  The first time he was invited trick or treating was when he was in grade 12. He never got invited to parties, he never got invited to sleepovers. Other kids need to see how sensitive these kids are.  Socially, and emotionally, I think these kids need friends.  With Julia the Muppet, when the other kids grow up they can be more socially aware."

Leblanc says when her son was four years old, she was told that he would never read, or ride a bike.  With the help of the Autism Resource Centre, and other supports, he is now 20 years old and in College.

Executive Director at the Centre, Angele Collette says more kids are being diagnosed with Autism.  One in 68 children are diagnosed, "The more awareness that is out there, the more social media, and more people are interested.   I think Julia is great.  It shows that everyone is different."