Continued Push To Lower Speed Limit In Front Of Magnetic Hill School

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 20:55 PM

The students at Magnetic Hill School have returned to class, but there's still no relief yet over the concerns surrounding the speed limit in front of the school...

The Anglophone East District Education Council completed a study in June, which looked at the speed limit.

“We obtained a copy through the right to information act of when the speed limit was determined.  Basically that exact formula was reused for our study..  The last time the speed limit was looked at was 2007, so the new study proves that the speed limit does need to be reduced, “Councillor Angela Lawson told us.

In an interview with Transportation Minister Bill Fraser earlier this year, he told us, “Studies have been done, by both Engineers in his department, and the RCMP and it was determined that the speed in front of that school is the appropriate speed for that location."

Lawson says they have sent a letter to the Minister  and are awaiting a response, “We put in the letter that urgency was certainly a concern, given that the school was reopening, and unfortunately we haven’t heard anything.  I will be asking the DEC what they feel is appropriate for the next step.  I would imagine we will be requesting another meeting with the Transportation Minister.”

Lawson adds, “For now, the Principal and Vice Principal remain outside during drop off and pick up controlling the flow of traffic while trying to keep the students safe, but that’s not really where we want them.”

The Anglophone East District Education Council will meet again on September 19th