GM SPCA Says Microchips Can Help Reunite Pet Owners With A Lost Dog Or Cat

Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2017 16:21 PM

Having your pet micro chipped can pay off, in the long run.

Booboo the cat was reunited with his owner recently, four years after he went missing from California.

He was turned in to the Guelph Humane Society in Ontario last week.  They scanned his microchip, .and located his owner 

 Dogs and cats from the Greater Moncton SPCA are also micro chipped.

Director of Animal Welfare Nanette Pearl says this has helped them bring a happy ending to many lost pets in this region as well, “A tag is great, because it is a visual ID, but a microchip cannot be removed.  It’s there for the life of the animal.”

Pearl says it is very important that you keep your information with the microchip current though, “The microchip is only as good as the information with it.  If you move, or change your phone number, and don’t update it, then it leaves a dead end for us if we find your pet.  We have had a lot of happy endings, but we have not been able to reunite some animals unfortunately, due to the cancelled phone numbers or addresses.”

If your pet does get loose, and something tragic happens, Pearl says, “Sometimes, the microchip is the only ID left if your pet is struck by a car, but at least it gives the Owner closure.”

(Photo courtesy of Guelph Humane Society)