Peter McKee Centre Revamps Community Gardens

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2018 12:15 PM

The Peter McKee Community Food Centre is revamping its community gardens this year and is also adding a greenhouse.

Volunteers have been helping out with the changes and have also been preparing the garden beds for the season.

Spokesperson Chantal Senecal says anyone in the community can sign up for one of the 28 garden plots available.

"We are actually in partnership with Garden Cities and they have numerous amounts of gardens across the city, more so in urban areas where some people may not have access to garden space," she notes.

Senecal says the community gardens are mainly a learning tool for clients and a coordinator will be on hand doing workshops about gardening.

She says some of the food grown is donated to Food Depot Alimentaire but she adds most donations of produce come from large suppliers and even farmers.