Moncton Fishercats To Kick Off Season Against Fredericton

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 08:17 AM

The Moncton Fishercats are set to hit the field for their fans this weekend.

Their season gets underway on Sunday afternoon.

Scott McWilliam is the Head Coach says they've got a deep pitching staff, adding three new pitchers to the rotation this year, but they've got to play some defence being those pitchers and get some hits, "Mike Ivey is probably our most veteran player right now and our most accomplished.  He is one of the few guys who has a New Brunswick title under his belt and he has Canadian championship under his belt. He just happens to be our Catcher, so he is probably the Anchor of our team, in terms of seniority and experience."

McWilliam adds, "If we can play best fundamental baseball and just go out and make the routine plays every night and get some timely hitting, we should be fine."

The fans play a big part, in supporting the team, and McWilliam says they love to entertain, "Moncton is pretty famous for supporting winning teams.  The better we play, the more people will come out.  It is an exciting product, there is always something entertaining, there's always a lot of prizes at the games."

Opening day is Sunday afternoon at 2pm at Kiwanis Park.  The Fishercats will take on Fredericton.