Anglophone East High School Students To Participate In Third Annual Youth Summit

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:55 AM

Fifteen students from each of the nine Anglophone East high schools will attend the Third Annual Youth Summit tomorrow, that focuses on mental health.

The Canadian Mental Health Association partners will the district and the Department of Social development, to help them encourage a positive environment in their schools.

With the legalization of marijuana coming in July of next year, Community School Coordinator Heather Stordy says this is one of the areas they will be focusing on this year, "We feel that it is really important that we get ahead of it, and that we offer the students education on cannabis from a risk assessment perspective."

An RCMP officer from Amherst, Nova Scotia, will lead this workshop.  Discussions will include the difference in medical use versus recreational use, cannabis use rates in youth, the risks, and impaired driving.

Stordy says Travis Dowe will be taking a food labelling perspective, which looks at being informed about what you are putting into your body, "We find that youth are very in touch with what they are doing to their bodies, and this will be something that will resonate with them when understand the difference between medical and recreational marijuana."

The summit is being held at the Moncton Wesleyan Church.  This year's theme is, "Empower Your Inner Connection."  They'll be launching discussions on creating habits that lead to positive mental health in their daily lives.  

Respect and Diversity Cooordinators Tanya Thibeau and Donna Dealy will speak about various ways to manage anxiety and how anxiety in certain situations can be helpful to people to improve performance and productivity.

The students will also participate in four separate workshops.   They will be introduced to Pound!, movement with drumsticks as an outlet for stress and an alternative physical activity by Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer, Ashley Boss.

The students who attend the Youth Summit on Mental Health will leave with the goal of developing and facilitating a project in each of their school’s that promotes positive mental health. The students will present these projects during Mental Health Week at the Mental Health Symposium