Messy Roads Across Metro Moncton

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 06:54 AM

Temperatures are rising in the Greater Moncton area.   It kind of feels am bit like spring this morning, but that has brought rain with it, and that is making it a very messy drive around our city this morning.  Water is pooling on roads, and melted snow, is causing very slushy conditions.

Slow down and give yourself extra time this morning to get where you are going.

Other parts of the province were hit with this storm a little bit differently.  They're getting snow and high winds.

That has caused power outages,   and there are thousands of NB Power customers across the province in the dark at this hour,

The Confederation Bridge was closed to all traffic for a few hours earlier today, because of the conditions.  They experienced wind gusts of around 147 kilometres an hour.

If you are planning on travelling in advance of New Years, you may want to hold off until later today, or even tomorrow when conditions will improve.