Snow Removal And Salt Important For Safety--Moncton City Councillor

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2018 14:37 PM

Slippery roads have been a bit of a sore spot for some members of Moncton City Council this season.  At least one Moncton City Councillor thinks we need to turn back the clock on how we are handling snow removal.

Ward 4 City Councillor Paul Pellerin says he knows first hand what it is like to have a vehicle slide into a snowbank, due to icy conditions, on roads that haven't been salted as well as needed.

He says part of the problem is also a change in the way the streets are being plowed, primarily the secondary routes, "From my opinion, it's the amount of salt and when we are putting it down, but also because we have modified the way we are clearing our streets.  When you still have snow on the street that hasn't been plowed, with hundreds or thousands of cars driving on it, you are compacting the snow.  It doesn't take much for that to turn into ice. At that point, even if you were to put some salt down, it is too late."

Pellerin says he feels City Council has deviated from the policies that were supposed to be put into place to make snow removal and ice control more effective.  

The City says salt has been applied this winter, but on some days, with extreme cold, it is ineffective on roadways.  Pellerin says there are other materials that can be used, ""Why can't we apply sand, especially at our intersections to at least give our people who are driving a car or truck, an opportunity to stop more effectively , instead of sliding  through intersections or hitting snowbanks."

Pellerin says he isn't the only one who has received a lot of calls this winter from residents who are concerned about icy roads.

"When we are talking about the safety of the residents, children going to school, people trying to get to work, it has to be done.  People are expecting that service and I really feel that the City of Moncton should be delivering it," Pellerin says.

The Director of Public Works with the City of Moncton, Don Morehouse says there has been no change in the amount of salt that is being applied to city streets. 

Pellerin says, "Back in 2012, there were around 480 kilometres of streets, and now we have around 550 kilometres. If we are using the same quantity of salt, it is impossible that we are meeting the criteria as we did back then, because there are more kilometres."