Sugary Beverages No Longer Offered At NB Schools

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 14:08 PM

The provincial government is making changes to its nutrition policy in New Brunswick schools and this will mean that certain beverages will no longer be an option.

Chief Medical Officer of health Dr. Jennifer Russell says research has found that the majority of sugar in peoples diets comes from sugary beverages.

"Is there any nutritional value in chocolate milk?  Of course, but does that outweigh the risks associated with the sugar content?  We know that the sugar contained in beverages contributes to obesity and we know that it contributes to diabetes and those are the things we are trying to minimize the risks to."

These changes will eliminate all juices and chocolate milk from being offered in breakfast programs, lunch and hot lunch programs, vending machines, canteens, and at fundraisers.

"The changes you will see, are that the beverages that will be offered in schools, will be unsweetened milk, and unsweetened soy beverages and water," Dr. Russell says.

“Offering healthier food choices in schools will have a positive long-term impact on our students,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny. “It is important that we promote and encourage our students to practice a healthy lifestyle and teach them what a proper meal looks like.”

Policy 711, Healthier School Food Environment, sets the minimum requirements for creating a healthier food environment in public schools.

The policy is available online.