Local MLA And Cyclist Says "Ellen's Law" Long Time Coming

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 13:00 PM

An amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act, that is being recognized as "An Act Respecting Ellen's Law"  is a huge step in the province of New Brunswick, according to a local MLA.

Moncton Centre MLA Chris Collins is also a cyclist, and he says these changes will go a long way, "I have been pushing for this since 2012, when I started my training for my 2013 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride.  It has been a long time coming.  I'm glad it got the ears of the government and they acted on it very, very quickly.  It creates awareness, as well as a law that will go a long, long way in making it safe from cyclists in New Brunswick.  One of the most important components is that drivers will learn from that cyclists have rights, and that they have to give them a metre of space."

Ellen's Law was introduced in memory of cyclist Ellen Watters, who died in December as a result of her injuries from a collision with a vehicle while she was on a training ride near Sussex.

It was supported unanimously when it was introduced in the New Brunswick Legislature this week.