Gunningsville Intersection Work Crucial For Improved Traffic Flow

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 21:18 PM

Dozens of residents came to a public information sessions hosted by the Town of Riverview detailing the changes coming to the Gunningsville intersection this summer.

Molly Legere, who lives in Point Park, East Riverview is concerned about their right turn lane from Hillsborough Road onto Gunningsville bridge being converted into a yield ramp.

"Going to slow down the commute, it's a safety concern now where we fit right into traffic, with traffic changing lanes without looking, so it'll mean that we'll have a very difficult time to fit in to one of those two lanes," says Legere.

Project Manager Michel Ouellet says all residents will benefit, including those from East Riverview even though they are facing a 30 second increase in their morning commute with their right turn lane being converted to a yield ramp.

"Current intersection at night, the return home is 136 seconds, and that will be 45 seconds once the intersection is done," says Ouellet. "So overall, their commute to work and back home will be much shorter than it is today."


A look at the impact of proposed changes at Gunningsville intersection.

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Ouellet says while they are paying an estimated 20 per cent premium to have this work done at night to reduce the impact on residents, they ultimately had very little choice in the matter.

"You honestly could not do this work during the day, if you think about it, everyone's concerned about the six month closure [of the causeway for construction in 2020], and having those 27,000 cars, imagine this whole intersection being shut down during the day," says Ouellet.

Ouellet acknowledges that road work like this is never popular, and can be a nuisance to residents, but he says it's critical this work is done before the causeway is closed two years from now.