Motorists Must Stop For Red Lights On School Buses

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 09:23 AM

It seems to always take some time for motorists to get used to having the school buses back on the roads.

Over 10, 000 Anglophone East students are bussed to school.

Spokesperson for of the Transportation Department Dave McCormick has a reminder for motorists that you must stop for buses, to ensure the safety of the students.   He says there have been too many close calls, "The red lights of the school bus.  We have to be assertive with that.  As of last year, we were up to about ten a day, of motorists running through red lights.  To have ten chances a day, is really too high."

McCormick says motorists have 150 metres of visibility before buses even put on their red lights, so there is lots of time for them to stop.