Conditional Funding From Provincial Government To Help Offset Costs Of Hosting Brier In 2019

Posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 10:51 AM

Three quarters of a million dollars from the provincial government is going to alleviate costs of Moncton hosting the 2019 Brier, if they get it.

Curl Moncton Vice President Jacques Robichaud says the conditional money is part of the bid fee.

"Curling Canada puts that in their general budget, they get that, and they also get revenues from ticket sales, the sponsorships that go in, that's all," says Robichaud. "They calculate that for their budget, and how much it's going to cost them to do the event here."

Robichaud says they supplied Curling Canada with some details of "what the multi-events centre will cost, what it will cost to put up the Brier Patch facility, so they get all that information, they work out the numbers, and they know that $750,000, they've got that as a start off point for their budget."

Robichaud adds the recently begun expansion to ten ice sheets at the Beausejour Curling Club will only help their chances to get the Brier in 2019.

He adds that expansion will show off a dynamic and growing curling culture in Moncton.

The Brier itself would be hosted at the new downtown centre and Robichaud says "if that seats 9,000 people for the weekend games, it'll be 9,000 people in the multi-events centre, the weekday games, maybe in the morning and late afternoon a bit less, than the evenings [when] you'll get more, but they'll fill the arena for weekend games."