Bessborough School Students Say It Feels Good To Give Back

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 07:31 AM

The turkeys will begin accumulating down back at the St. George Boulevard fire station this morning.

Collection in this year's Sue Stultz and Moncton firefighters Turkey drive officially begins.

A launch for this year's turkey drive was held at Bessborough School yesterday.

The students will be making a donation of their own next week.

Several grade 8 students took the time to share their thoughts on how special the turkey drive is.

Ella McNally says it is a really good feeling to give back, "I think it is really important to help out families that aren't as fortunate as us, especially at Christmas time."  

Meera Joshi says it's a really great feeling knowing they are helping to ensure everyone has a turkey on their table for Christmas, "It's kind of a tradition at Christmas time to have a turkey, and to not have that takes a part of you away.  So it's really a good thing for everyone to have that turkey."

Grace McWilliam says, "It just makes you feeling really good inside to know that you are helping someone out."

There is a need for 4241 turkeys this year.

The turkey drive runs until December 8th.