One Meter For Ellen Rally Planned For New Year's Day

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016 22:39 PM

A large group of cyclists and walkers are expected to gather on New Year’s Day, to promote a One Meter Law for Ellen.

Organizer Sheila Cameron says they felt that something needed to be done after the tragic death of cyclist Ellen Watters this week, “We all came together to grieve, but also to figure out what can we do.  Ellen and her family were into cycling safety and the family quickly said if there was anything we could in Ellen’s name to promote cycling safety, then they were 100 per cent behind it.  The idea took form that we needed to have a rally.   We just want one meter, that’s the theme.  They have it in other provinces in Canada.  We want it in New Brunswick.  Ellen shouldn’t have had to die for this.”

Cameron says, the One meter law would require motorists to give cyclists one clear meter of space, `When you`re in a car, overtaking a cyclist, you need to give one clear meter of space to pass the cyclist.  In New Brunswick, that will often mean, that motorists will have to pull across the yellow line to give that amount of space.  Motorists would then have to wait until it is clear to ensure the cyclists have that one metre.".

The group will meet at McBuns on Shediac Road at noon, and then make their way to the Kay Arena, where members of Moncton City Council will be holding their New Year’s Levee.

 Similar rallies will also be held in Saint John and in Fredericton.