New Club Auto Business Service Centre In Moncton To Expand To 150 Jobs

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:31 AM

150 business service centre jobs are coming to Moncton over the next five years for Club Auto.

CEO Sean Grasby says after researching different areas of Canada, they settled on Moncton because of a great reputation in this market.

"Bilingual was a critical requirement for us to service all Canadians, so Moncton and New Brunswick specifically fit that bill," says Grasby. "But we were also looking for a market where there was good access to skilled labour and great talent."

Grasby says the jobs will initially be only bilingual, but that may change over time as they find out whether their clients skew to either Anglophone or Francophone.

The provincial government is providing $830,000 in payroll rebates, only to be given to Club Auto after proof of employing staff for at least a year.

Grasby says they already have 35 employees, and are aiming to add 40 more by early next year.

He says the salaries range between the high 30s to low 40 thousand dollars per year.

"We also have very lucrative benefits including a pension for our team members, and we really believe Club Auto is a place to grow and a place to develop a career including a lot of investment in training both specific to the job and individual's personal training ambitions," says Grasby.

As depicted below in a handout from Opportunities New Brunswick, the province says with 150 jobs filled, the total tax revenue over four years will be $2,416,107, which once you subtract the $830,000 in payroll rebates, will leave a return on investment of $1,586,107.


Projected economic benefits of the 150 jobs to be created at Club Auto in #Moncton over five years.

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