City Of Moncton Joins 12 Month Pilot Project For Mobile Ticketing App For Codiac Transpo

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 21:36 PM

The City of Moncton is taking part in a year long pilot project to add a mobile ticketing app for Codiac Transpo users.

The app is offered by Hotspot Inc, the Fredericton based company that is best known for their parking app.

Hotspot CEO Phillip Curley explains the ticketing app will function as a proof of purchase system.

"So whenever you board the bus, you press "Board Bus", it creates a moving image for the bus driver and he understands what that image means and makes sure it's proper," says Curley. "Very similar to how you would show a proof of purchase through a bus pass today."

He adds users will pay a monthly fee of 2 dollars to use the mobile ticketing service.

"So the big thing is we don't make money off the municipality, and there's a really important reason for that, it keeps us super honest," says Curley. "So if the people don't like our apps, we don't have any users, so our focus is all about customer service, making sure they are happy."

Curley says the bus pass option will be added into the existing Hotspot Parking App, and will include route planning options.