Orlando Resident Views Damage After Hurricane Irma

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 12:32 PM

Hurricane Irma continues to lose its punch, as it blows through Florida.   It was downgraded to a category one early today, but it still wreaked havoc for most of the state with high winds and rain.

When Annice Reaves first left her home this morning, after the worst of it was over, she was in shock, "Oh my God, Wow.  This is the water right behind my house and the water is about six feet deep."

In front of her home, downed branches, and not a single leaf is left on the trees that have been left standing.

The ravine in the back of her home is filled with water.  


Photos from #Orlando after Hurricane #Irma courtesy of Annice Reaves

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Irma had been downgraded before it hit Orlando, but Reaves says it was a sleepless night, because of the high winds and torrential rain,  "The house was shaking.  We are in a brick and mortar house, it's a very secure house.  It was very, very scary."

She said because it was so dark, they were forced to wait until this morning, to see the extent of the damage, But she says things could have been a lot worse, "We were very lucky."

She says once residents are able to leave their homes, the next step is to find out if her businesses in Orlando were damaged.

Reaves is also concerned for her friends in Naples, who were hit a lot harder, "When the Eye was going over it, it hit them with 135 mile an hour winds.  Oh my gosh, it took forever to go across them.  They said the flooding was real bad, and the winds were horrific."


Photos from #Orlando Post #Hurricane #Irma Courtesy of Annice Reaves

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