91.9 The Bend's $1000 Mind-Bending Minute

  • Talk About Fast Cash! You can win with 91.9 The Bend’s $1000 Mind-Bending Minute! Listen weekdays to the Bend Breakfast with Josh and Gen, during the drive home with Jeannie Mac and listen for bonus times with Leo 
  • You will have one minute to answer ten questions, $10 for every question you answer correctly and, if you answer all ten questions correct we’ll give you…$1000 in cold hard cash! 
  • Want to play? You’ll need to have your 91.9 The Bend Swag Tag in order to play to win $1000. Be the right caller through when you hear the cue to call and get ready to play the 91.9 The Bend, $1000 Mind-Bending Minute. 
  • For full Contest Rules and Regulations click HERE. For basic contest details see below. 
  1. You must be a 91.9 The Bend swag tag holder, if you have registered online for a swag tag and have not yet received your swag tag you are still eligible to play.
  2. The contest will be played 2-3 times weekdays between 6am – 7pm, times will vary. 
  3. You can only play the 91.9 The Bend Mind-Bending Minute ONCE during the contest period: February 26 to April 22.
  4. 91.9 The Bend, CKNI reserves all rights to the definition of a correct answer.
  5. Only the first response by the contestant to a question will be accepted.
  6. Contestants may pass on a question and if time remains with the 1-minute period, the host will ask the question again. A contestant may only pass a question once. 
  • Win with the $1000 Mind-Bending Minute on Metro’s Perfect Music Mix, 91.9 The Bend.